C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

For the first time! An updated production of this mesmerizing theatrical adaption of C.S. Lewis’ classic theological fantasy The Great Divorce. Now with new, added material, four actors portraying 22 roles take you to the outskirts of heaven where the decision to stay or return to the familiar “Grey Town” below (hell) proves to be harder than imagined. Lewis’ work comes to life in an exciting theatrical experience.

Run time: 90 minutes; no intermission.

Cast & Creative

Adapted For The Stage By
Max McLean
Christa Scott-Reed
Executive Producer
Ken Denison
Scenic Design
Kelly James Tighe
Costume Design
Nicole Wee
Lighting Design
Geoffrey D. Fishburn
Projection Design
Rachael Cady
Composer/Sound Design
John Gromada
Fight Director
Steve Rankin
Casting Director
Carol Hanzel
The Pekoe Group
Press Relations
Matt Ross Public Relations
Technical Director
Abby Walsh
Production Manager
Lew Mead
General Management
Aruba Productions