MRC Buzz Page

This was our THIRD time to see The Most Reluctant Convert —guess that says it all!
Rachel C., Asheville
This play was fabulous. The set was ingenious. The actor’s performance was enrapturing.
Adrienne W., Phoenix
A wonderful and important work. I was totally captivated from start to finish.
Jackie B., Austin
Excellent and entertaining.
Sheila D., Chattanooga
Absolutely brilliant.
Jim P., Louisville
A phenomenal experience! Riveting!
Susan L., Boston
Excellent acting, staging and content. Entertaining, captivating and informative.
Darlene R., Chattanooga
My husband, who typically doesn’t enjoy theater, talked about how great this was for days.
Angela K., Detroit
Completely engaging from the moment the actor started to his last line.
Kathryn H., Los Angeles
Excellent dramatic presentation . . . well-written script.
Guy W., Phoenix
Extremely well-written and performed. Appreciated the set and lighting.
Rose Mary V., Austin
Excellent, inspiring and thought provoking.
Bill M., Boston
Outstanding in every way, from performer to set.
Robin H., Birmingham
Superb staging and acting.
Charles T., Chattanooga
Delightful and engaging – we typically bring friends with us to FPA productions.
Richard G., Austin
Well-staged and thought provoking.
Jonathan D., Asheville
One of the most engaging productions I have attended.
Jim C., Tampa
Thoroughly engaging . . . hugely moving.
Kristen A., Boston
Outstanding and Impactful.
Robert F., Fort Lauderdale
My wife, who is not yet a believer, loved it from beginning to end.
Luke B., Charlotte
Engaging, thought provoking and entertaining!
Gene D., Louisville
Fabulous work, beautiful delivery, the gospel writ large.
Dennis A., Birmingham
We brought 14 people in our group and will continue to help promote these excellent productions.
Nikki P., Tampa
Thoroughly engaging. Makes Christianity very clear without being “preachy.” We take guests each time we go.
Dan H., Charlotte
Top-notch performance. Great stage setting.
Lynnea M., Asheville
Thoroughly enjoyed the history, the humor, the lighting and sound effects and the performance.
George L., Tampa