Imagine This!

Something new for FPA audiences—a staged reading series featuring plays under consideration for future production. FPA friends, theater fans and industry professionals will experience works early in the development process and offer feedback. And it’s free!


THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV – Thursday, December 6 at 7pm
The Brothers Karamazov is universally considered among the greatest novels ever written. Dostoevsky explores profound questions of doubt, suffering, depravity, love and redemption through the story of a wicked father and his wildly dissimilar sons. This stage adaption follows Dmitri, the well-intentioned but uncontrollably passionate oldest son; Ivan, the cold, rationalist middle son; and Alyosha, the Godly youngest son to explore human nature at its core. The Brothers Karamazov exposes those irresistible impulses that either tear us down or lift us up.


WE WILL NOT BE SILENT – Friday, December 7 at 7:30pm
We Will Not Be Silent tells the true story of Sophie Scholl, a young German Christian student who led The White Rose, an underground protest group that launched the only major act of public resistance against Hitler’s regime. The play focuses on Sophie’s intense interrogation by a Gestapo officer who attempts to coerce a false confession from her by the threat of execution by guillotine. As Sophie’s faith is tested to the breaking point, the audience experiences a moving examination of doubt and courage under relentless pressure.


PARADISE LOST – Saturday, December 8 at 7:30pm
Ever wanted to explore John Milton’s Paradise Lost but were too intimidated? Look no further than this fresh and lively update! Paradise Lost is a work of unparalleled genius, recounting the story of the war in heaven and man’s expulsion from Eden. In Tom Dulack’s exciting, imaginative yet faithful adaptation, the play attempts to comprehend the loss of paradise from the perspectives of Lucifer, the fallen angel, and Adam and Eve, after their fall from grace. Even in our secular times, Paradise Lost is a powerful meditation on rebellion, longing and the desire for redemption.







Free admission. Limited seating. Reservations required.
Limit 8 seats per reservation.
Recommended for ages 13 and older.
Children under age 4 not admitted.